Naruto 3rd Shinobi Wars

A very good game its good lvlin and a nice staff so come play this game.
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 Cuddles GM Application

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PostSubject: Cuddles GM Application   Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:47 am

Key: Forest of Death

In-Game ID: Cuddles

Experience: Co-Owner of Naruto Darkness Falls, Co-Owner of Naruto Rise and Fall of Kyuubi, Admin in Naruto Broken Dreams, GM in Naruto Legend of Jinckruii, GM in Naruto Dark Powers, GM in Naruto HIR, Enforcer in Naruto Rage 2, and GM in Naruto Shippuden World 2

Reason: I love to help out with people, I dont abuse my powers, I do have alot of fun, Im on everyday (unless im on vacation or at school), I can listen 2 orders easily, and i do know when to be serious with people!

lol! Thanks For Reading And Please Reply Back 2 Me Soon

-Cuddles Exclamation
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Cuddles GM Application
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